Regulations apply to all Guests staying at the Willa Joanna Property.

  1. Reservations at the Property are valid until 6:00 PM on the planned day of arrival, unless the Guest specified a different time during the reservation.
  2. The apartment is rented for a multiple of a day, which starts at 4:00 PM and ends at 12:00 PM the next day. Payment for room rental and parking services is collected in cash in advance for the entire stay or paid through Booking.
  3. Willa Joanna may refuse to accept a Guest who has blatantly violated the property’s regulations during a previous stay, caused damage to Willa’s property, other Guests, employees of the Property, or other people on the Property.
  4. In case of any complaints about the services provided, the owner should be informed.
  5. The Guest has no right to transfer the room to other persons, even before the end of the day for which he paid. Visits by guests other than those currently paid for a stay at Willa Joanna are not allowed.
  6. The presence of people other than those currently paid for a stay at Willa Joanna implies the Guest’s consent to be charged with a double daily rate for a given apartment.
  7. Quiet hours are in effect at the Property from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. In case of its disturbance, Willa Joanna has the right to intervene or even refuse further services.
  8. The Guest is financially responsible for damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices in the Property caused by him. Willa Joanna has the right to pursue claims related to damage on the Property.
  9. The responsibility of the Property for the loss or damage of things brought by the Guest is regulated by the provisions of the Civil Code, art. 846-849. Each time leaving the room, the guest is obliged to turn off the lights, audiovisual devices, and close the doors.
  10. Pets are strictly prohibited at Willa Joanna.
  11. Willa Joanna is not responsible for vehicles parked at the Property.
  12. Willa Joanna is not responsible for vehicles parked at the property.
  13. Smoking is strictly prohibited in Willa Joanna apartments. In case of violation, the Guest may be charged for the cost of ozone treatment of the apartment.
  14. The Guest is obliged to comply with fire regulations. The use of electrical devices not constituting the equipment of the apartment is prohibited, especially: heaters, electric irons, dryers, etc. The use of irons that are part of the apartment’s equipment is only allowed with the use of an ironing board.
  15. Willa Joanna undertakes to store items left by Guests for 30 days. In case of receiving an order, the above items will be sent by Polish Post or courier to the address indicated by the Guest, at his cost, or in case of no contact with the Guest, they will be disposed of.
  16. All complaints must be submitted in writing to the email address